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7 Consequences of Not Having a Will in Ontario

25th April 2023BY Qasim Nihang

7 Consequences of Not Having a Will in Ontario: Protecting Your Legacy and Loved Ones As a law firm, we often see individuals who put off creating

What is an Islamic Will or Sharia Compliant Will?

23rd June 2017BY Qasim Nihang

An Islamic Will or “Sharia-Compliant Will” is a Will which conforms to Sharia laws and which can be legally enforced in Canada. The Islamic Wil

‘Will’ Power – Your power to choose!

21st June 2017BY Qasim Nihang

Today, we answer some frequently asked  questions about Wills: Who Should have a Will? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the below questions

Wills 101 – Preparing for tomorrow today!

19th June 2017BY Qasim Nihang

Most people have questions about Wills. Here we answered some frequently asked  questions: What is a Will? A person’s Will is a written documen