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28th April 2017BY Qasim Nihang

If you’re an international student in Canada and wondering if you can work on study permit, the answer is yes! You can get a part time job to help support yourself while studying in Canada. You can work on or off-campus for up to 20 hours during university semesters and full-time during breaks such as the winter or summer holidays, without the need for a work permit. In order to qualify, you must have a valid study permit, be a full-time student and be enrolled at post-secondary level program. You must cease employment when you’re no longer meeting the criteria for it. You would also need Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada.

In order to get SIN number, all you need is your passport and study permit. If you hold a co-op or post-graduation work permit, you can take passport and co-op/post-graduation work permit to get your SIN. Your SIN will expire when your study permit expires.  You may also apply for a post-graduation work permit to continue working in Canada after you graduate from an eligible institution.

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