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13th June 2017BY Qasim Nihang

Are you buying or selling a house in Greater Toronto Area? Buying or selling a house can be exciting yet very hectic at the same time since there are a lot of legal paper work is required and a lot of things to be considered and taken care of. It is very important that both buyers and sellers are prepared for it properly. To make this experience hassle-free for you and the other party, we have come up with a checklist you should go through before the closing day.

  • If you have a real estate agent, ask him/her to fax/email your Agreement of Purchase and Sale to your lawyer as soon as possible. If you are selling privately, contact your lawyer before accepting an offer on your home.
  • If there are any surveys, give your lawyer copy of it.
  • Provide your lawyer with the following information: your contact info along with your new address, names of anyone else on the title, your DOB, marital status, spousal consent (if needed), your residency status on closing day, mortgage number for your current mortgage if there is any, name of the lender and your property tax documents.
  • Let your lawyer know if the property you’re selling has a well and/or septic tank.
  • Do not cancel your household insurance policy until you heard the deal is closed.
  • If you’re moving out in advance, make sure to notify your insurer that the home will be vacant so you’re still covered if anything happens in the property up to the closing day.
  • Advise your lawyer if the property is used as a rental property.
  • Contact your fire insurance broker or insurer to cancel the coverage as of the closing date.
  • Contact your telephone and/or cable company in advance to arrange the cancellation of their services.
  • Contact the municipality and other utilities (water, gas, hydro and water tank rental) to advise them of the ownership change and schedule a final reading.
  • If you are selling a condo, also advise your property manager and cancel any pre-authorized payments.
  • Book your movers on time and make sure everything is removed from the property before 5 pm on the closing day.
  • Make sure you leave property in nice and clean condition; it is broomed and swept.
  • Cancel any pre-authorized or postdated cheques related to the property to make sure you’re not paying for anything after closing.
  • Visit your lawyer’s office 2-3 days before the closing date and take set of keys for the property, bring a void cheque and your 2 pieces of IDs –at least one ID must have photo. You can take your driver’s license, SIN card, passport or provincial ID. Your lawyer will inform you of an estimate of the amount of proceeds that will be deposited into your account after closing.
  • Leave all extra sets of keys, garage door openers, codes, manuals and any other items or documents related to the property in a visible location for the new purchasers.

By going through this checklist, you will be prepared well in advance to save yourself from any last-minute hassles and stress on your closing day.


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